There are so many ideas on which is the best time to purchase or trade in your boat. We’ve kept track of this closely over the years and have determined when you should keep your eyes open.

The Results Are In!

The end of the boating season may be the best time to buy your new boat. It seems counter-intuitive – maybe even thinly veiled sales ploy, but it is a fact! Fall boat sales are actually setting new records this year!


In the fall, manufacturers have just switched to the new model year and have some of the previous year’s inventory that needs to be sold. This means that both new and last season vessels, which are still considered “new,” are available so, manufacturers tend to be more flexible on price. While they are trying to sell off their inventory, manufacturers also have boat shows beginning in the fall throughout the winter, which fills their books with orders, making inventory scarce. This results in a continuous rise in prices as the winter season goes on – making listings in the spring more expensive and less negotiable.

You also find that pre-owned sellers are motivated to get out of their older boat and into a new one – making them anxious to sell quickly. In some cases, storage can even be negotiated as part of the boat sale as well, saving you thousands up front.

Just like buying a convertible, sellers are more negotiable in the fall than during springtime. This is generally because people are thinking fondly about the upcoming spring season. In the spring season, their eyes are on the upcoming winter and are typically less negotiable.

Benefits of Fall Purchases:

Not only do pre-owned boat sellers consider storage as part of their sale, but new boat sales often include winter storage, which will also save you money on your purchase.

Also, when you buy your boat in the fall, you have all winter to learn about the vessel. You will even have the opportunity to upgrade its systems, change the carpeting, upholstery, etc. You have the gift of storage time to make your new boat truly yours before the upcoming boating season begins.

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