To help you navigate the process and figure out what can be done during the storage off-season, here are the frequently asked questions that we receive from both new and existing customers. You’ll find answers to your standard storage questions, as well as what services can be done and how to access your vessel during the winter.

The Basics:

Did you shut off your batteries? Are they old and need to be replaced? We do not touch your boat unless service is requested. Please be sure to have this done or request it from our service team.

Did you empty out your fridge? This is a big one that most people overlook. Take a look before you bring your boat in – you don’t want to find old stinky cheese in the Spring.

How much fuel is in your tanks? Did you add Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer? It is best to store with a full tank to reduce condensation inside your tanks.

When did you last change the oil in your engine/drives? Please be sure to check on this and let us know if oil needs to be changed.

When do I have to pay my Winter Storage balance? To avoid finance charges, you need to be paid in full before November 14, 2020.

What restrictions are in place during COVID-19? Everyone must still adhere to social distancing, wearing a mask, etc. We take this very seriously, so please make sure you continue wearing a mask when you enter our facility. NO EXCEPTIONS. Anyone caught not following the rules will be asked to leave. We ask for everyone’s cooperation, so we don’t have to go back to mandating appointments to come and work on your boat. 
We care about you, our customers, and want you to remain safe. To continue serving you, we need our staff to remain safe and healthy as well.


Have you submitted your Service Form? We highly recommend getting your service requests in early. Do not wait until the last minute. You can find all forms in one place on our website.

Did you experience any problems with your boat this season? Let us know ahead of time so we can help you avoid problems next season.

Is your vessel still under its warranty? If so, let us know if you would you like us to perform the manufacturers recommended annual service.

Can I make an appointment with one of your Service Team members to go over my boat’s service needs? I’m not sure what I need or what you recommend.  Yes, please do this sooner than later. We want you to be aware of everything that is needed and answer any questions you might have for us.

Is it too early to put in a request for a Detail? I want my boat clean and ready when I pick up in the Spring/Summer. It is never too early to request any kind of service or detailing. Reach out to us any time!

What about cosmetic enhancements? Can I have that done during the off-season? Yep! We can help you upgrade your vessel’s upholstery, canvas, paint and/or make any fiberglass repairs needed.

I currently don’t have my boat name on my boat, can you help me with that? Yes! Just reach out to our service team for more information and pricing.

How often should I have my boat Bottom Painted? We recommend having this done every two years to maintain your boat performance. You can find more information on bottom paint right here.

Boat Access:

Where’s my boat? You must know where your boat is stored prior to coming to the yard. You would have received an email from Nancy Bereckis regarding your boat location, but please reach out to her ( in case it’s missed.
If you are doing cold storage, your boat is in Building 5, as that is the only Cold Storage building space we have.

When can I access my boat? You may access your boat whenever the Yard is open. We update our hours seasonally and have a special schedule during the winter holiday. We will inform everyone when the hours change and will be posting our November and December calendars on our website.


If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at any time: 312.666.6670 or