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When owning a boat, the most exciting part is to get out on the water as quickly as possible. In Chicago, the boating season can be limited and we want to help with your boat service needs so you can make the most of your summer.

To make your boating season as long as possible, we want your boat is running properly at all times. There are services needed throughout the year to make sure that happens.

Here are some of the most important Service FAQ’s that we’d like to get answered for you:

Is there an ideal time to have routine service done on my boat?

If there is routine maintenance that needs to be done such as mechanical, electrical, bottom paint, oil changes, etc., we recommend scheduling these services in the fall and winter months while your boat is being stored. Chicago Yacht Works Paint and Detailing

Our technicians are on staff year-round and make the most of your storage time and services. In fact, we’ve made it easy for you to schedule services online to save you even more time.

Don’t forget! Before your boat goes into storage, all engines, generators and propulsion systems should have the oil & filters changed, fuel filters changed, fuel stabilizer and treatment added to the fuel system, and the fuel tanks filled up to ¾ tank or more .

What is considered “routine” and how often should I have these services done?

Taking care of your boat is not so much different than taking care of your car. In order for the car to run properly, you typically need to have the oil changed and filters checked every year. These are items that your vessel benefits from as well.

Our top recommendations are to change the oil and filters (generators, too), change all fuel filters and run fuel stabilizer through the fuel system, clean the boat inside and out, and winterize all engines.

If an issue comes up while I’m on the water, how do I get service ASAP?

We know what an inconvenience it can be when issues pop up while you are trying to enjoy a relaxing boat day with friends and family. It can be time consuming, so we have worked hard to make this as safe and easy as possible for you.

We perform services out on the Chicago Harbors all the time and would love to help whenever we can! If there is something more in depth that needs to be performed, our USCG licensed Captains can pick up your boat at the harbor and safely deliver to our docks. As always, we offer convenient dockside service to address problems quickly and accurately so that you can get back to your day.

Just give us a call and let us know where to be and when!

What about other services like cleaning my boat, etc?

Not a problem. We’d love to help you with anything you need in order to make your life easier. We’ll even help clean out your boat refrigerator, freezer and interior storage!

If you’ve been putting off certain services, or even upgrades, to your boat all season, we can get all of this done for you at any time throughout the year. If you are planning to store your boat with us, this allows us the perfect opportunity to spend time on your vessel.

We’ll be sure to get your boat looking pristine by the time you are ready to launch next spring.

Who do I contact and how do I request services?

Please contact Michael, Jonathan or Patrick in the Service Department to schedule your service. To sign up online, we’ve made it hassle free for you right here.

You can reach out to any of us below:

Michael Argyelan – 312-666-6670 ext. 103
Jonathan Paige – 312-666-6670 ext. 107
Patrick Knibbs – 312-666-6670 ext. 105