Another Spring Fling celebration has come and gone and, as always, we could not have asked for a better crowd. The day provided us with fantastic weather to enjoy all of the entertainment. Considering the snowfall Chicago had the next day, we really lucked out!

The band provided all of us with some great entertainment throughout the day and the Taco Guys kept everyone fueled up – we could barely keep the continuous line on the move! Our loyal vendors were kind enough to come by and join in the fun and help out our customers whenever possible.

Since the weather was so nice out, there were so many people who came out to work on their boats in order to get ready for this summer. The USCG Auxiliary did close to 30 inspections as well! We’re glad to see that so many of you are taking care of your vessels and being safe out there on the water.

If the Spring Fling inspired you to get back out on the water and brush up on your skills, check out our class schedule here. We want each and every one of you to feel comfortable while enjoying the boating season.

If you have any questions for us around our service offerings, boat rentals, etc. – you can reach out to us at any time at