boat needing service

What happens when something like an appliance breaks at your home? You call someone to fix it (and, of course, hope they show up within the given time frame). If your car breaks down, you bring it to an auto repair shop. As we all know, even the most high-end brands out there can have their issues that need immediate attention.

Boating can bring the same dilemma. If there are parts on your vessel that break or malfunction, there isn’t an on-site service center at the harbors to resolve your issues. So, we will come to you.

We Bring Service Directly to the Dock.

Your boat is our top priority. Your time is our top priority. If your boat has an issue, we will resolve it ASAP, the right way. The time and value to have the top technicians work on your boat should be your top priority.

Our technicians bring years of experience and hold the technical certifications needed from the biggest manufacturers. We have our technicians properly insured so that everyone involved is safe. They are also trained in the latest diagnostic software to identify problems quickly and have direct access to parts and equipment the average technician may not have.

What happens if my boat can’t get fixed on the water?

If for some reason our technicians can’t resolve the issue at the dock, we will make sure to get your vessel to our full-service yard to make any outstanding repairs. We are fully staffed to keep things coordinated so that you can go about your day.

Think of us as your ‘primary care physician’ for your boat. Once you start skipping around to different doctors, important details, big or small, tend to get missed. Take a look at our service offerings – we cover what you need!

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