Fall has arrived and boats are starting to come off of the water and into storage for the colder months ahead. This doesn’t mean that all things boating must come to an end. This means that there are even better deals to be had and it’s time to start your fall shopping!

What should we look for?

Amazing Boat Deals!
We have some of the biggest savings during the fall season and we’re still getting new boats in our showroom and new brokerage listings all the time. This often gets overlooked because cooler temperatures lead some to believe that boating season is over.

However, here are a few highlights to buying in the fall:

  • Flexible Pricing.
    boat viewsDemand is lower and new year models come in, making current models easily negotiable to make space in showrooms. Also, pre-owned boat sellers are more flexible with their pricing and sometimes need to sell 
    to get their next boat lined up. Buying from a broker? They are eager to sell their vessel to avoid storage costs.
  • Free storage.
    When you buy a new boat, storage for the first season is free (a $3-8k savings)
  • Customization Time.
    You’ll have the entire winter season to make any customizations and updates you may want for your new vessel so that it’s ready to launch, worry-free, in the spring.

Parts & Accessories.
With so many vendors trying to make room for newer models coming in, you can find a great deal on a variety of accessories this time of year. Let’s say your current boat needs some upgrades. Fall is the time to plan and buy new canvas, upholstery, electronics and more. These are major parts that are not cheap; however, given this time of year, you can make replacements for less money than you would during the peak of the summer.

Our main goal at CYW is to make sure that you are always happy. While so many people are purchasing boats in the spring, they are likely purchasing at a higher price and won’t have time to modify certain features and make any necessary repairs (if they’re buying a used vessel) before launching.

We want to maximize your time on the water, which is why fall shopping can be so beneficial to your summertime fun (and your wallet!).

Feel free to reach out to us any time at sales@chicagoyachtworks.com or at 312.666.6670. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.