One of the best things about some of our long-time friends and customers, is being able to witness their passion and commitment leading to their own boat launch. Just this past week, we were able to watch one of our very own launch his vessel, “Moonglade,” onto its journey.

moonglade boat launch

This particular vessel holds a special place with our Chicago Yacht Works family, as the owner (and one of our dear friends) has stored and worked on Moonglade for the past 36 years! He has come in almost every day to perfect his boat to make their most important trip yet, which is to head off to South Carolina from Illinois. He and his wife intend to make this journey to spend their retirement days with their son and enjoy life. Of course, we felt privileged and honored to be there to toast their journey with Champaign.moonglade toast

Like we always say, your boat is our top priority. If you’re looking for a place to perfect your vessel, we will help you out along the way with as many services as we can provide.


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