Your boat’s engine is similar to your body, both require fuel and maintenance to keep performing their best. Our Service Department is much like your doctor’s office; we schedule, diagnose, consult, treat & follow up on services to keep your boat moving.

Whether you know what maintenance your vessel needs or want advice on where to begin, we’re here to help.

Your Annual Maintenance Check List

  • Change the engine oil and filter
  • Perform annual drive service
  • Change all fuel filters
  • Check engine alignment and tighten engine mounts
  • Check condition and tightness of belts
  • Check all hoses for cracks and tighten all hose clamps
  • Check all electrical connects to the engine(s)
  • Lubricate all throttle and shift linkage pivot points
  • Inspect all anodes, propellers, and check for loose, damaged or missing parts
  • Check and top off all fluids
  • Charge and load test batteries/check connections

Spring Commissioning Packages

The Fun Stuff: A La Carte Services & Upgrades

  • Canvas and carpet installation
  • Electronic upgrades
  • Sailboat rigging and mast stepping services
  • Cleaning/detailing services
  • …and much, much more!

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Get Your Boat Launch Ready!

Our highly-trained technicians are standing by ready to take care of all your service, maintenance, and parts needs.

View our services menu and a list of specials/packages for spring commissioning, and let us know how we can help. It’s never too soon to schedule work or an estimate — the sooner we can get you onto the Service Calendar, the sooner you can schedule your launch.

Not quite sure what your vessel needs?  We can help with that too – book a Service Consultation for an appointment to discuss with one of our team members.

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