The Governor of Illinois extended the Shelter-In-Place Order through April 30th, following the President’s extension of the Federal Advisory issued on Monday.

Service Safety Precautions

Chicago Yacht Works remains closed. Our Service Department is continuing to work on projects in order to avoid a massive backlog or work that would severely impact launching all boats when the time comes to do so. We have carefully crafted and are implementing a complex set of safety protocols for the few that are working. These include but are not limited to:

  • We have seven restroom facilities onsite, each individual has been assigned his own restroom, his own garbage container and a schedule that does not allow for co-working or interaction with others at any time.
  • Each technician has agreed to a set of personal protocols as well, including uniforms cleaned after each use, PPE when onsite, limiting public exposure, etc.

Customer Access

Many customers have requested access and stated that they will agree to stay 6’ away from anyone else. I appreciate this and I understand your frustration. It seems that the property is so big that a few people could not possibly matter but in fact it is more complicated than that. Every person who enters the property brings with him or her exponential danger to the few that are working there. Everything you touch, everywhere you walk, talk, breathe is a possible source of contamination. While I understand that many of you work on your own boats and need this time to prepare, please understand that if our team gets sick, no boats will get launched when the time comes regardless of whether we worked on the boat or you did.  Inside or outside, allowing people onsite is too risky at this time.

Launch Update

I have also been asked about moving boats and loading/unloading boats for transport. Please understand that everything we are doing now is being done in order to facilitate an efficient launch program, as soon as we can execute one. This includes but is not limited to loading and unloading and launching for a river departure. We are working hard despite the grim and unprecedented situation, to get through our workload so that we can move boats as needed to facilitate launches and load-outs when the time comes. We have mapped out various strategies and plans for this and hope to meet expectations, but I caution everyone to adjust any prior expectation regarding spring launch. Our entire launch schedule has been significantly impacted by the extension of the Governor’s Order and everyone will feel this impact. We will issue communications and specific protocols for launch when we have a better idea of when that can happen.

Everyone at Chicago Yacht Works is dedicated to enhancing your boating experience. We mean it when we say: “We Make Boating Better.” Now, we are administering and managing the business from our homes, many have been furloughed, many are working for reduced pay as we make the necessary and unpleasant adjustments that are required under these circumstances. We look forward to launching your boats and starting summer together, but we recognize that this will only happen if we all take the difficult steps necessary to change the course of this deadly disease. We are working as carefully and safely as we can to take care of your needs while honoring the greater community and maintaining safe conditions and not contributing to the spread of COVID-19.

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Please be healthy and be safe. Feel free to reach out to us at any time for questions.

Thank you.

Rob Hannah