Do you find yourself saying: “This is the year I’m getting my boat ready for the water ahead of time to be ready when the harbors open.

And every year, some forget and end up with a week or two of delayed enjoyment because there are just so many details that need attention.The best way to prevent these issues from happening is to take care of them before spring arrives.

Think about your car. If you’re a snowbird and your car has been sitting in a garage all winter, it may not start up immediately and run smoothly once you return for the spring. Your boat is no different. In fact, it needs more care and attention than your car!

If you’ve been procrastinating, don’t stress—there’s still time to get your boat ready for the season!

Here’s a checklist to get the ball rolling:

  • Check the engine – make sure to start the season with fresh oil and new filters.
  • Check fuel lines and filters for contaminants that could cause problems later in the season – fuel filters should be changed every year, just like the oil and oil filter.
  • Check the batteries – if you didn’t have us perform Battery Service in the Fall, your batteries will need to be charged before launch.
  • Safety first! Make sure your VHF radio, navigation lights, and horn are working, and flares are not expired. You never know when the Coast Guard will appear for a random inspection on the water.
  • Don’t forget our Detailing and Bottom Paint services as well.


Easy – just text us (312.728.7401) or fill out our service request form here and we’ll get right back to you.

You wouldn’t trust your car maintenance to just anyone, so don’t trust your boat with just anyone.

Trust our certified technicians. We’re here for you.