While boats are stored away for an extended period of time, especially during the winter when boating season is on hiatus, they tend to go out-of-sight-out-of-mind. This is always a risk because the best time to get services scheduled on your boat is while it’s being stored away.

The boating season is everyone’s busiest time of the year. You’re out on the water and want to make the most of the season and service departments are trying to keep up with maintenance and repairs. If you know maintenance needs to be done or there are upgrades you’d like to complete before your next launch date, here are some reasons to get those appointments early:

  1. Book Now. Pay Later. Our Certified Technicians are taking appointments throughout the year, but we do not require payment until the work is completed. Go ahead, submit your request form now!
  2. Get in line and launch on time. Once we have your appointment set, we can be sure to get your vessel on our schedule. Appointments come on a first come-first serve basis. If you wait too long to book service, you risk delaying your launch!
  3. Your boat deserves the best technicians. At CYW, our technicians are fully insured and certified. They are supported and trained by factories throughout the entire year. We value our work and want your boat to be treated like one of our own. Don’t get in a time crunch and get stuck with outside, less knowledgeable technicians.

If you’d like to book services now, we are ready to get you scheduled! Reach out to us below:

Email: service@chicagoyachtworks.com
Phone: 312.666.6670 – Press 1 for Service OR

We’re here to help keep you on the water, longer. That’s where you belong.