Expert Service Advice? Stop it!

When was the last time you were on the dock and heard: “Hey, my buddy who knows engines told me…” How about the last time you were searching Facebook or YouTube so you could resolve an issue on your boat? For many of you, it’s far too recent, and certainly far too...

We’re Expanding Our Team to Serve You

Chicago boaters have had a very warm season with tons of great boating! As calls for service in the harbor flooded our phone lines this year, it was plain and clear that we needed to expand our Service Team to meet demand and respond more quickly. We are pleased to...

Why Your Boat Engine Information Matters

A boat owner should know what engine is in their boat. Why? The engine manufacturer, and serial number are critical pieces of information for mechanical service and part replacement. Service centers will need this information to ensure OEM parts. Having the hull...


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